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D.G. Martin Column: Could a North Carolina novel be the country’s best loved?

“The Great American Read,” a PBS series, is in the process of selecting America’s best-loved novel. Is there a chance it could be a North ... Read more

Letter: Shame on you, Roy Cooper

The response from Governor Cooper to the vandalism of the Silent Sam statue at UNC-Chapel Hill was not at all appropriate. His response was almost ... Read more

Larry Penkava Column: A penny found is a penny pinched

I brake for coins. No, not in my car. But when I’m walking and see money on the ground, I stop to pick it up. ... Read more

Crystal Cockman Column: The largest edible fruit in the United States

While walking in the woods the other day, I spotted a grove of native pawpaw trees. These trees are hard to miss with their large ... Read more

D.G. Martin Column: Raleigh or Ralegh?

Anna Beer could cost North Carolina taxpayers millions of dollars. How in the world could this British author and scholar cost us so money? Based ... Read more

Martha Dennis Column: Our Hands Day coming up at Trinity

Saint Martin’s Lutheran Church On Sunday, Pastor Guy used scripture from James 1 for his children’s message. His worship message came from Deuteronomy 3. Upcoming ... Read more

Doug Creamer Column: Time and change

I enjoyed Labor Day weekend. I hope you enjoyed your day off because the next one won’t be until…the holidays. Enjoy September, because by the ... Read more

Sarah White Column: Master gardener to have seminar

West Stanly Senior Center September Schedule Volunteers are needed at the front desk Monday through Friday. Check with Judy at 704-781-5470 for times and info. ... Read more

Samantha Foster Column: The Extension Corner — Be mindful of spray drift

Late summer is a time when many of us realize just how bad the weeds in our pasture are because they are becoming large and ... Read more

Mike Walden Column: How is North Carolina’s mid-year economy?

The actor Tom Selleck was in a TV crime show series 30 years ago that my wife and I enjoyed. It was called “Magnum PI,” ... Read more

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