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CHAMBER COLUMN: Congratulations, Leadership Stanly graduates

Leadership Stanly, an enriching program sponsored by the Stanly County Chamber of Commerce, is an invaluable course that often pays personal and professional dividends for ... Read more

THE LIBRARY LOOKOUT COLUMN: Finding new ways to enjoy summer reading

Summer has begun. While this summer may look different than those in the past, the opportunities for excitement about reading that the library is offering ... Read more

MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: Are we in for a strong economic recovery?

My best friend at N.C. State University was a physicist. We had much in common. We were both transplants from the North. Our spouses taught ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How long will we wait?

Thank you, Paul Stanbrook, for your fine letter in Saturday’s paper. How very important, especially in these days, to take a stand against intolerance. If ... Read more

DEAN RIDINGS COLUMN: On this Independence Day, recalling the Founders’ views of a free press

America’s Founders regarded a free press as so vital to the new nation that they took care to include that right in the First Amendment ... Read more

DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: Celebrating the Fourth

I can smell the grills already. My mouth is watering just thinking about all the good food that we will be enjoying this weekend. My ... Read more

MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: Will we regret the rescues from the crisis?

The coronavirus crisis continues to be “the” story of our day. Few events have hit our lives and our economy with such force. We anxiously ... Read more

DG MARTIN COLUMN: UNC’s new president

“Who is Peter Hans?” This is a question I am getting from friends who have learned that Hans has been elected the next president of ... Read more

DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: I haven’t got time

I had a wonderful great-aunt and uncle. They were almost like an extra set of grandparents and we traveled to see them several times a ... Read more

DG MARTIN COLUMN: Can Bookwatch survive the virus?

Can North Carolina’s television program about books escape the shutdown brought to us by the coronavirus? UNC-TV’s “North Carolina Bookwatch” has had a rough time ... Read more

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