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JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Mortgage discrimination claims are bunk

A few weeks ago, the Associated Press and a nonprofit journalism outfit called The Markup released a dataset and news stories purporting to prove the ... Read more

DG MARTIN COLUMN: October hurricane on the Outer Banks

It is October on the Outer Banks. A late hurricane is threatening to wash away the beaches and blow down the old wooden houses that ... Read more


The other day we were so busy inside the house, we hadn’t been outside all day. My wife called me and asked if I had ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Yes, government can be shrunk

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently in conversation with right-leaning leaders, policy experts, donors and activists. My purpose is to assess the health ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: School closures were a mistake

Closing down school buildings for many months last year — and offering poorly planned and executed virtual schooling as an inadequate substitute — proved to ... Read more


I opened Facebook the other day and saw a post about homecoming from a former colleague at East Davidson. The memories began to flood back ... Read more

DG MARTIN COLUMN: Following Macbeth’s advice in Afghanistan

Can Shakespeare’s Macbeth help us deal with President Biden’s decision to pull all American troops out of Afghanistan and do it quickly? Too quick, his ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Disrespect, intolerance do not belong in board meetings

My wife and I are shocked and very distressed to read about the resignation of our school board chairman. Our county has forfeited his effective ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: There is no free ride

RALEIGH — The latest news about North Carolina transportation was no surprise. In a pattern all too familiar, our leaders have planned for and promised ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: We all win when we argue

RALEIGH — In the England of the early 20th century, there were no two writers more dissimilar than G.K. Chesterton and George Bernard Shaw. Chesterton ... Read more

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