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DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: Thanksgiving 2020

The weather has begun to cool down and the leaves are almost all down. The signals are all around; it is about time for eating ... Read more


DG MARTIN COLUMN: Greek and Hebrew guides to our political differences

How can ancient Greek and Hebrew thinking help us understand why our friends who support other political candidates see things so differently from us? Why ... Read more


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: NC elects Sen. Tillis to continue clean energy leadership

Once again, the North Carolina electorate has opted to send our effective, high-impact leadership back to the Senate. I congratulate Sen. Thom Tillis on his ... Read more

COLUMN: Tracking life-changing events that occur in high school sports, performing arts

Balancing concerns for the physical health of student participants competing in sports and performing arts with the social, emotional and mental health of these individuals ... Read more


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Appreciation for compassion

My son suffered a medical emergency Thursday, Oct. 29, while driving on the Northeast Connector, lost consciousness, drove off the road and struck a telephone ... Read more


An open letter to the American people

With Thanksgiving and the holiday season fast approaching and a deadly COVID-19 pandemic surging, we – the physicians, nurses, hospital and health system leaders and ... Read more



A few weeks ago my sister shared a book with me that I have wanted to read. The book is about personalities. My wife and ... Read more

PEEKING INTO THE PAST – The Bookmobile Lady

I’ve shared in a previous article that the first bookmobile in use in Stanly County was provided by the state during the late 1930s. The ... Read more


DG MARTIN COLUMN: Waking up as a Republican

“Why so glum?” I asked a sullen group of Democrats who were expressing despair as they reviewed the results of the Nov. 3 elections. They ... Read more


COLUMN: Let’s unleash more broadband solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it painfully obvious how many rural counties are unserved, underserved or, at best, paying too much for substandard broadband service ... Read more

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