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DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: Is God testing us?

I taught school for 34 years, and for the last couple of years I have been teaching Chinese students online. I love being a teacher ... Read more

DEAN RIDINGS COLUMN: Supporting local means supporting local newspapers

As we continue to emerge from the pandemic, there’s a sense of relief and optimism that things will return to normal. Long-awaited family gatherings, birthday ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Users should pay for highways

As a fiscal conservative who thinks government is generally too large and taxes too high, I am grateful for the gas tax. You should be, ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Government shouldn’t set prices

I once found a $20 bill on a sidewalk in Washington, D.C. I picked it up, thus ruining the punchline of an old joke. Two ... Read more

D.G. MARTIN COLUMN: Barbecue – true and faux

Why would John Shelton Reed write another book about barbecue? After all, he is a co-author of the recently revised classic “Holy Smoke: The Big ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: We want to be good neighbors

We appreciate the comments at the hearing about the mine property. We will do everything to address concerns and see if our efforts to do ... Read more

DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: A new adventure

The dream to write has been a driving force in my life. Each time I sit down to write my column I am excited by ... Read more

MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: What economic lessons has the pandemic taught us?

Although I no longer teach students in the classroom – having retired after 43 years at NCSU – I still teach economics in other ways. ... Read more

D.G. MARTIN COLUMN: Another prize for Elizabeth Spencer

Elizabeth Spencer, arguably one of our country’s greatest writers, died in December 2019 in Chapel Hill, where she had lived since 1986. Due to the ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Carolinians remain fiscal conservatives

North Carolinians are closely divided when it comes to party preference. Our state has long been one of America’s key political battlegrounds. But when it ... Read more

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