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JOHN HOOD COLUMN: To do good or do better

RALEIGH — There are at least as many different ways to explain the origins of political disagreement as there are political commentators. I, for one, ... Read more

GARY PEARCE COLUMN: What you’ll hear in politics next year

It’s clear how the two political parties want to define the debate in next year’s elections, in North Carolina and nationally. Republicans want to argue ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Fewer students major in humanities

RALEIGH — Most students attend colleges or universities primarily to acquire the knowledge, skills and credentials required to get a rewarding job. That’s what most ... Read more

DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: Living with excellence

The rumor that Larry Macon allowed me to fly his plane solo is just not true. I am going to have to stop spreading that ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Just in time for back to school

We have been through over 1.5 years of a pandemic and school is about to begin. Healthcare workers are exhausted. Too many tears have been ... Read more

GUEST OPINION: Supporting local journalism supports this community

By Dean Ridings, CEO, America’s Newspapers The Local Journalism Sustainability Act (LJSA) was recently introduced in the House and has now been introduced in the ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: When did the ‘freedom to infect’ become a right?

With a 32 percent vaccination rate here in Stanly County, is it any surprise that cases of Covid-19 have risen 94 percent from the end ... Read more


BJ DRYE COLUMN: Remembering Roscoe Hatley and Geneva Moore

Sometimes we don’t even know we know someone until they are gone. Roscoe Hatley died this week. He helped form Oakboro Fire Department and ran ... Read more

CURCIO’S CORNER: A true superhero

I have not written a column for a while, but the recent passing of someone has prompted me to share with you about how one ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Effect of state policy isn’t huge

For years, North Carolina conservatives and progressives argued incessantly about the effects of the state’s rightward turn. Conservatives said lower taxes and less regulation tend ... Read more

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