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DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: He will be there

I went to two funerals recently. Two members of our congregation laid their mothers to rest. I can’t imagine what they are feeling or the ... Read more


SENIOR COLUMN: Senior centers adapt to the times

National Senior Center Month is celebrated every September. This recognition gives all communities an opportunity to celebrate Senior Centers and the work they do in ... Read more


DG MARTIN COLUMN: Robin Sage, DeJoy, viruses and the statute of limitations

I hope the statute of limitations has run on any of my violations of the Hatch Act and campaign contribution limits during the unconventional warfare ... Read more


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Consider voting absentee

With Nov. 3 fast approaching, it is important that voters across the state begin thinking about how they plan to protect themselves and safely cast ... Read more


MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: Will we return to farm life?

My father grew up on a hog farm in southwest Ohio in the 1920s and 1930s. In those days, farms were highly self-sufficient and independent. ... Read more


DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: Living and loving

The temperatures were finally cooler last weekend and the desire to get outside and work kindled deep within me. I got outside last Saturday and ... Read more


BJ DRYE COLUMN: Celebrating in a grand way

Sunday is National Grandparents Day. Each one of my grandparents had a different impact on me, and each one saw me go through a different ... Read more


DG MARTIN COLUMN: ‘We didn’t leave our party. It left us.’

Back in 1984 when I was running for Congress, I ran into older people who explained why they could not support me, saying, “I didn’t ... Read more


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Keeping the arts alive

National Arts in Education week is upon us. Enacted by Congress in 2010, this week celebrates arts educators and promotes the importance of arts education. ... Read more


MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: Did one-third of the economy disappear?

The headlines were eye-popping. “Economy shrinks by one-third.” “All economic growth from the last five-years wiped-out.” “Worse than the Great Depression of the 1930s.” These ... Read more

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