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GUEST EDITORIAL: A bill introduced to open state, local government personnel records

By Paul Mauney and Bill Moss Many newspapers recently wrapped up coverage of Sunshine Week, a time set aside to promote government accountability through public ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: State has too much debt already

Thanks to the fiscally responsible policies of the North Carolina General Assembly, state government has some $5 billion in unspent funds and unanticipated revenues in ... Read more

More students are playing sports one year later after pandemic started

At the end of March 2020, high school sports and performing arts were grounded – victims of a novel coronavirus that was wreaking havoc throughout ... Read more

MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: Are we looking at a test of MMT?

Although the main principles of economics were established decades ago, the discipline is constantly evolving. One of the most recent contributions has been a new ... Read more

D.G. MARTIN COLUMN: Ignoring my Asian friend’s question — a big mistake

A few years ago, I ignored a friend’s question about whether there was a risk of violence to Asians in North Carolina. That was a ... Read more

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Let’s stop Asian hate

Like many others throughout our country, I am sad and angry over the recent shootings that occurred in Atlanta which targeted Asian Americans. This past ... Read more

COLUMN: Apply for retirement benefits online with Social Security

It’s never too early to start planning for retirement, and our online tools can make your planning easier. Visit to access your my Social ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Let’s head off labor shortages

It may sound preposterous at the moment, with North Carolina’s unemployment rate still significantly above its pre-COVID rate, but I think our leaders should be ... Read more


My wife used to work as an elementary school librarian many years ago. She read and talked about many children’s books. Some titles I don’t ... Read more

JOHN HOOD COLUMN: Suburban voters form largest bloc

RALEIGH — If you think about regional differences in North Carolina politics, economics or culture in terms of urban blue and rural red, you are ... Read more

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