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JENNY HINSON COLUMN: Explaining vaccines

Editor’s Note: Jenny Hinson is a hospitalist physician with Atrium Health Stanly. She has provided the following information about vaccinations. What are vaccines? Vaccines get ... Read more


MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: Will the Fed’s new policy cause higher inflation?

I always tell students and folks at my presentations to watch the Federal Reserve. While the President and Congress get most of the attention in ... Read more


DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: Pray for leaders

The recent diagnosis of President Trump and his wife Melania with COVID-19 has highlighted several things for me. Whether you agree or disagree with his ... Read more


MIKE WALDEN COLUMN: Recession, recovery or something else?

When I speak to groups — virtually for more than six months — I perceive two concerns. One is fear about the virus, especially how ... Read more


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Voting for this great country

After listening to the debates, it dawned on me that I think I will vote for the second amendment, the Electoral College and the Republic ... Read more


DG MARTIN COLUMN: Fighting for America

We both love America? We would fight for our country. And we would fight to keep it the way we love it. And we would ... Read more


RANDY EVANS COLUMN: 2020 has shown us why America needs journalists

There is one week set aside each year to salute newspapers for the important role they have played in our nation, a role that goes ... Read more


DOUG CREAMER COLUMN: One step at a time

I was heading to bed last Sunday night and thought I would like a little ice cream before I turned in. The ice cream seemed ... Read more

THE LIBRARY LOOKOUT COLUMN: The benefits of banned books

Have you visited your local library recently and been unsure of the caution tape surrounding a display of what looks to you like random books? ... Read more


DEAN RIDINGS COLUMN: Galloping goats, biting gators and more in your local newspaper

Editor’s Note: The following column is published in observance of National Newspaper Week, Oct. 4-10. If you happened to read the Albuquerque Journal recently you ... Read more

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